on 17, Jul 2015

  • Heed conditions – Several things can make driving difficult, including weather, road construction, and heavy rush-hour traffic. When you’re faced with blinding rain, don’t go so quickly that you can’t stop. Be extra cautious when faced with a construction crew that is working hard to keep the roads in good condition. Rush-hour traffic is brutal, so don’t make matters worse by honking your horn or weaving in and out of traffic.
  • Stay in your lane – Lanes are marked for a reason. Stay between the lines.

  • Don’t be an indiscriminate lane changer – Only change lanes when you have a reason, such as turning or passing.
  • Stay off the horn – People who honk their horns to say hi, punish other drivers, or because they like the sound are annoying and even startling to other drivers.

  • Use your turn signal – If you plan to turn left or right, use your turn signal and make sure it’s the correct one.
  • Keep the music in your car – No one else wants to hear your speakers blaring, so keep the volume of your music low enough to only be heard by people in your car.
  • Pull over for emergency vehicles – If you see a flashing light or hear a siren, pull over and let the emergency vehicle pass. Someone’s life may be at stake.



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