on 20, May 2015

All weather floor mats and perfume 
Driving a car around Indian cities often results in various smells – some pleasant and other not so much – entering the cabin. A car perfume is a must in such situations as it will ensure that your car is well perfumed. A basic bolt-on car perfume that attaches itself to the AC vents of your car is priced at about 250-300 rupees, and this price is inclusive of the perfume.

Parking Sensors 
Parking in tight places can prove to be very cumbersome. Reverse parking sensors with a camera to assist comes in very handy during such situations. A slew of brands now manufacture reverse parking sensors and reverse camera to suit most brands of cars. Reverse parking sensors without the camera cost about 2,000 rupees. Adding a camera and a LCD screen to the mix will set you back by another 2,000 rupees.

Dashboard/Windscreen Phone Mount
With smartphone penetration increasing, more and more people are making use of the GPS function that comes built into most smartphones. The dashboard/windscreen phone mount is a useful addition to your car, especially when you want to use your phone’s GPS for directions. Windscreen phone mounts start from 150 rupees.

Mobile Charger
These chargers fit into the car’s 12 volt cigarette lighter socket that is standard fitment on most cars. Expect to fork out about 500-600 rupees for a decent in-car mobile charger with multiple charging pins.



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