on 11, Nov 2017

Recently many videos have gone viral on social media of the accident on the Yammuna Expressway in Delhi due to heavy fog. It is very dangerous to drive in foggy conditions especially if you don't know how to drive in it. Hence we have brought to you safety tips and driving tips if you face such similar conditions.


  • Switch on your hazard lights. This will let other motorists know about your presence on the road.

  • Switch on the defroster and windscreen viper, as during mist gets collected on the windscreen which will reduce your visibility.

  • Switch on your fog lamps and headlamps and keep it on low beam. Please do not keep the headlight on high beam, because there are water droplets in the fog which reflects back the light and will reduce your visibility.

  • Maintain a safe distance between other vehicles as it will help you stop safely if there are obstacles ahead.

  • Drive on slow and safe pace as the visibility is low and there will be chances that you could bang into any obstacle ahead.

  • Do Not overtake or change lanes. Be in your lane as you never know if any vehicles come into your lane which would leave to a severe accident.

  • Flow the white stripes on the road and it will help you navigate the road if there are any turns.

  • If possible halt at a safe spot till the fog descends.


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