on 23, Mar 2015

If you are under the impression that you are capable of drinking and driving, think again because this new technology will not let you drive when you are tipsy. The technology built by a team from the University of Michigan is designed to prevent people who are under the influence of alcohol to drive cars.

The team claims that they have been installing these alcohol ingnition interlock devices in newly purchased cars and the amount of tragedies that have been avoided are quite substantial. They figured out that 85 per cent of crashes that result in death can be avoided and 1.25 million non-fatal injuries can be prevented by this technology.

If this technology can come stock with every new car the process of alcohol detection can be seamless. India reports an approximate of 1.34 lakh casualties due to road accidents and nearly 70 per cent of these accidents are due to drunken driving. If this technology makes way to India it will help to curb the 1214(approx.) deaths that occur each day due to road accidents.

Source : India Today


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