on 01, Sep 2017

As we all known about the heavy rains which fell in Mumbai which brought the city to standstill. Many of the places were flooded above knee level water. There were many cases of vehicle drowning in these floods. So we have brought to you some handy tips (do's and don'ts) which will help face these flood like situations.


  • Do not switch on the AC and sit inside the car. There are chances of carbon monoxide entering the cabin which will make you unconscious and could lead to death.

  • It's ok to move out of the car and become wet rather than staying dry trapped in your car.

  • If the water level increases to half the height of your tyre , please move out and abandon the car.

  • Due to the increase in water level there are chances of short circuit which lock the power window and doors , hence you could get trapped in the car. This when you can use the headrest , hammer, flashlight,etc to break open the window glass so that you could escape.

  • If your car doesn't have a detachable headrest or you don't have a handy hammer or flashlight in your car, you use your legs to break upon the windscreen. As the windscreen is the only glass which is not enclosed in a bracket, one can use his/her legs to push the windscreen in the outward direction.

  • If you think that a particular area has too much water logging, park your vehicle in a safe spot and leave it there. You can anytime go and collect your vehicle from the same spot when there is less danger.

  • If there is no option left and you have to glide through a flooded area, shift to the first gear and rev the engine as you move forward. This phenomenon prevents the water to enter the engine and stalling it.


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