on 21, May 2015

The car externally looks exactly the same as any S-Class you see on the road. The changes lie under that glossy coat of paint and body shell.

The S 600 Guard offers VR-9-level ballistic protection capable of stopping 7.62x51mm rifle rounds along with a heavily armoured floor to protect the occupants from IEDs. Inside, it will get all the opulence of the standard S-class along with additional features like a fire suppression system and a fresh-air system, in case of ingress of smoke. Powering the armoured behemoth will be a 6.0-litre V12 pumping out 530bhp and 84.63kgm of torque.


This means that this tank like car can withstand 7.62 x 51mm rifle rounds on multiple areas of the body. Even projectiles being fired at the S 600 Guard won’t harm the occupants since it’s equipped with heat-resistant synthetic fibres.

The windows, several times thicker than the stock double-pane glass, are so heavy that each needs its own hydraulic lift to open and close. So what if you’re enjoying a nice morning drive and fancy the cool morning breeze with the windows down and the bad guys decide to launch a gas attack on your luxurious tank? No fear.

Just activate the oxygen system which seals all exterior vents and delivers clean air to you so that you can breathe without any problems regardless of the gas tragedy situation outside the car.

Your Michelin PAX run flat tyres will laugh at 0.45 pistols since they allow zero pressure driving even after being shot at for more than 36 kilometres. There also is armour on the underbody to prevent injury to the occupants from explosive devices.


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