Celebrating mother’s day is a joyful moment for everyone. No matter how old we grow, we’ll always love our mothers. Mother’s day is celebrated every year to honor the most beautiful creation of nature. Mother’s are parallel to God as only God can create life and God has given this amazing power to mothers. Why don’t we make her realize her importance in our life? Mother’s day is the perfect day for you to gift a car to your mother. And this post is all about those cars, which your mother could like.

Down below we have listed five cars, looking at the budget and gifting any one of them to your mother will be appropriate. Although mothers always accept her children’s gift, but you must make sure that you know her preferences, for example you must know which color she prefers or if she likes automatic or a manual? And stuff like that.

Volkswagen Polo

Well your budget plays an important role when it comes to buying stuff. You don’t have a very fancy budget here is a perfect car for you. Remember price doesn’t defines a gift, emotions does! Polo is an amazing car and is very economical as well. It looks very good in almost all its color variants; therefore it is a perfect gift as well. A Volkswagen will cost you between Rs 7-10 lac. Therefore it is a deal of happiness.

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Honda Jazz

If your mom loves to shop a lot this is going to be a perfect decision. It is very spacious and is an easy drive as well. And the design looks stunning in white and yellow. If this car is your choice for your mother then your mom is going to be really happy.  Moreover, the price is also under Rs 7-10 lakhs.

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Ford EcoSport

If your mom loves long off road drives and she loves adventure then this amazing car by Ford that is EcoSport is a wise choice. This car looks perfect in almost all color variants. The best part is that this car will not cost you much. It starts from Rs 7.18 lac.

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Chevrolet Cruze

There are some moms who don’t enjoy driving much as they enjoy the pleasure of sitting on back seat. So, for the mother’s who likes to be chauffeured, here is a perfect car for them. This car has some features that you get in high-end cars. Therefore gifting this car to your mom will be awesome. This piece of beauty will cost you Rs 15 to 17 lac. Although it comes on a bit higher side but this is a very nominal price for a gift, which is especially for your mother.

The reason this car is on the top of the list is its stunning look and amazing design. No matter of your mother’s preferences this car will fit every expectation and if not your mom will still say that it’s the best car she has ever seen. Not waiting anymore!

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Volkswagen Beetle

Although it is on the higher end but if your budget allows then you must go for this car. This car looks awesome in all its color variants. We have been saying this for almost all the cars because that’s the fact. Every car on this list is really good. Coming back to our beetle, it looks stunning and is a perfect mother car. But, it’s not a Make-In-India car, so it will cost you around Rs 28-29 lac in India.

No matter which car you gift, it is going to be a gift, which defines love. So choose according to your mom’s choices and make this mother’s day special for her.

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