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With the advantage of its compact size, the E20 is easy to maneuver around the city and even in tight gaps. Hence it is really easy to drive in heavy traffic and given the advantage of the electric motor, you don’t have to worry about the rising fuel charges. The range of this electric car has been increased from 110km to 140km which helps in better city commutes.


As compared to the standard E20, the E20 plus has got a more conventional design with four doors. The E2o Plus is now longer 310mm, wider by 61mm and taller 25mm. In addition to this, the wheelbase is now 300mm longer hence creating more room in the cabin. Aesthetically, at the front the e20 plus gets an all new grille which consists of vertical striates, besides it is a same projector headlight unit which is seen on the two door E2o. At the rear, it now hosts roof mounted spoiler and also houses a LED tail light unit.


Lets step in and look at what does this electric car has to offer us, shall we? Stepping in one will notice that the E2o Plus has ample amount of leg room in compared to how it looks from the outside. Also, there is a decent amount of headroom which has been offered. At front the dashboard design is same as that of the standard e20 and it also features the Android based touchscreen infotainment system which is sourced from Blaupunkt. It also hosts a digital instrument cluster which indicates the vehicle speed, charge of the battery and the range. The E20 Plus id offered with all electric power windows on the four doors, electric mirrors and keyless go. While the materials used inside are cheap and don’t give it a solid feel. The seating capacity for three passengers can be congested but it can comfortably carry four passengers in total. Coming towards the boot space, there is a 135 litre capacity boot which can withhold two cabin luggage sized bags.


The power delivery from this electric motor of the e20 has been considerably increased as compared to the previous model. It isn’t very powerful in terms of power but it has adequate power you to drive along the city. Being an electric the peak torque is available right from 0km and the torque on the E2o Plus has a 69%increased as compared to the previous model. When you step on the accelerator there is a slight lag but then there is slight increase in the response from the accelerator. When shifted on the Boost mode, the response is quite punchy as compared to the Forward shift, this helps the user to overtake.


Powering the Mahindra E20 Plus electric motors is 72V battery back which gives a total range of 140 km. The electric motors generates a peak power of 41 horsepower at 3500rpm and 91Nm of twist at 2500 rpm. The Lower trim gets a 48V battery pack and hence the total range is lower than the top trim 72V battery pack model. As this car is powered with an electric motor, it gets a direct drive transmission. The gear shifter on the inside comprises of the following : F (Forward), B (Boost), R (Reverse), N (Neutral).


In terms of safety, the E20 plus comes equipped with seat belt warning system, Hill Hold control and towards parking it gets rear sensors and a rear parking camera. It gets three crumple zones at the front and dual side beams and ISO mount child seat at the rear.


Let us say that the car is driven for 1,000km a month i.e. 12,000km yearly. So, the cost of ownership for Mahindra e20 Plus can come upto Rs 30,100 for one year, which includes Rs 27,100 of insurance cost, Rs 3000 of maintenance cost and Rs 0 of fuel cost. Here the loan interest is not factored in as it depends on person to person and the percentage of amount taken in loan.


As of now the Mahindra E20 competes head on with its elder sibling the EVerito in the electric car segment. In terms of low running cost it outruns many hatchbacks powered with the petrol and diesel motors.