on 03, May 2015

Audi in partnership with Bosch, Osram and Karlsruhe Institute for Technology is developing a new technology for car headlamps called Matrix Lasers. These headlights will be based on the laser spot high-beam lamps that were first introduced on the Audi R8 LMX in 2014.

The Matrix Laser technology uses a rapidly moving micro-mirror to focus the lasers beams through a phosphor element to create white light. The new technology will provide a broader projection area at low speeds, while concentrating the beam to reach farther distances at high speeds. Audi has said that this new technology will also allow for precise distribution of the light emitted.

Another new development is the intelligent fast activation and deactivation laser diodes which will allow the new headlamps to broaden or narrow the beam of light. Audi says that the Matrix Lasers will provide a higher dynamic resolution as compared to the current Matrix LED lights.

The development of this new generation of headlamps is part of a project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research.


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