on 21, Jun 2018

Recently, Ola cabs took a great step by adding the Mahindra E2o in their fleet in the city of Bengaluru. With this, the cab aggregator has taken a positive move towards electrification. That's not all, Ola cabs have now decided that they will soon incorporate and add the Tata Nano based Jayem EV in its fleet.


Ola will receive 400 units of Jayem Neo EV in its first batch. The photos of the Jayem Neo EV have been shot at Hyderabad and this may also suggest that this electric vehicles will be first launched in this city. After which, Ola will start adding the Jayem Neo EV in other cities of India.


According to the agreement, Tata Motors provides the complete body along with interiors without the engine and transmission to Jayem Automobiles. Here, Jayem Automobiles fits in a 48-volt electric motor that produces 17KW or 23 bhp of power. Electra EV supplies the powertrain for this electric vehicle and this manufacturer also provides powertrains for the Tigor EV and the Tiago EV.


Aesthetically, the Jayem Neo EV gets the Jayeem badging and not the Tata badging. Along with this it also gets the NEO logos. Design vise there isn't any changes in comparison with the fossil fueled Tata Nano. Apart from this, the electric vehicle gets green colour stickers with the cab aggregator OLA’s logo on its body.

Jayem Automotive isn't new for Tata Motors, they have a long association with each other and now they have also got into a joint venture. This joint venture is about the JT Special Vehicles in they will develop sporty versions of Tata Cars. At the recently  held, 2018 Auto Expo, we saw the Tata Tigor JTP and the Tata Tiago JTP which are the first models from Tata to get the JTP badging. These models have also been spotted testing somewhere around Coimbatore.


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Tata Motors will be developing its own version of the Neo in the near future. As of now, Tata Motors is supplying electric versions of the Tigor and the Tiago to the government owned EESL but it isnt for sale for the public. Need not be disappointed as Tata Motors have plans to launch the Tigor EV and the Tiago EV to the general public soon.


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