on 01, Sep 2015

Maruti Suzuki officially announces that it will rebrand their sales network as “Maruti-Suzuki Arena”. These new showrooms will get a new blue facade and the car buyers will also be offered a valet service. As you will enter inside the showroom, one can see the interactive touchscreens and personalisation zone. In this zone the customers can mix and match the different accessories according to their needs and personalize the car.

In addition to this the showroom will also be equipped with a cafe, consultation area, and an owners lounge. The relationship managers in the showroom will be equipped with tablets, which will consist of an app, in which the customers can browse and compare the different models and variants of cars. Through the new website the customers and customise their vehicle according to the liking.

Maruti-Suzuki is also planning to set up more than 80 such outlets across India by the month of March 2018. In according to this the present showrooms will be converted to Maruti Suzuki Arena outlets.


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