on 15, May 2018

Electric Vehicles are the future of the automotive industries and many auto manufacturers have started to venture out in it. The Electric Vehicle segment in India has also started booming with companies like Mahindra already launched the e2O in the India. Soon these Electric Vehicles will receive an unique green colour license plate.


In accordance to a PTI report, the government of India has approved the use of these green colour license plates. For personal Electric Vehicles, the license plate will be in green colour and the fonts on it will be in white. On the other hand, the commercial Electric Vehicles will get the same green colour license plate but the fonts will be in yellow colour.


Nitin Gadkari, The Minister of Road, Transport and Highways told that the government has approved a distinctive green license plate for electric vehicles, to encourage people to use electric vehicles. This will be the fifth type of license plate which will be implemented for the use of civilians in India.


So you must be wondering, what will the green license benefit to these customers? We have got this covered. The drivers driving these electric cars with green license plate will get concession in toll charges, they will also get special preference in parking areas and they will also be allowed to enter congested areas.


With this, the government has taken this step to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the nation. In addition, to this, government is also going to mandate the a certain percentage of electric vehicles in the fleet of public transport. Also, to promote the use of electric vehicles, the GST of batteries is going to be lowered upto 12%.  


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