on 28, Feb 2018

Some time ago the Internet was taken by storm with the spy images of the Nissan Terra SUV.  Finally Nissan has pulled out the covers of the Terra SUV. This SUV was revealed in china and it comes equipped with left hand drive setup. Nissan also has plans for a right hand drive Terra SUV which will most likely be launched in the mere future.


So let's have a look at some key details of this SUV, shall we? Nissan has designed the Terra on a ladder-frame architecture which is best for an SUV. this ladder-frame is also shared by the Navara from Nissan’s stable and the X-Class from Mercedes stable. Just like the ladder-frame, this new SUV also shares some same design exteriors. In addition to this, from the interiors the dashboard is somewhat same as that from the Navara. But not everything is the same, at the front end, Nissan Terra gets a new uniquely designed front grille and front bumper. The Terra can accommodate seven occupants and gets three-row seat layout. As compared to its rivals the Toyota Fortuner, the Ford Endeavour, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and the Isuzu MU-X it has adequate space.


Lets pop up the hood of this SUV and have a look what's in, shall we? Powering the Nissan Terra SUV is 2.3 litre four cylinder diesel mill. Nissan hasn't revealed the power figures but it will initially sell the Terra with this mill.


Nissan will be showcasing the Terra SUV for the first time at the upcoming Beijing Motor show in China to the general public. As of now there are no official announcement of the launch of the Terra SUV in India. But this beast sure does have a good market in India.


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