on 25, May 2018

Back in the year 1998, Tata took the Indian Automotive market by a storm with the launch of the Indica. With this launch, Tata got us a more spacious and powerful hatchback to the Indian market. Following the success of the Indica hatchback, Tata Motors launched the Indigo sedan in the year 2002. Mearley after 20 years, Tata Motors has finally called of the production of these two models. Only the remaining few cars of both the Indica and the Indigow will be available on sale in the dealerships.


When the Indica was first launched in 1998 it gave a major competition to the cars at its time. It was styled by Italian design house I.DE.A and when unveiled at the 1998 Auto Expo it took everyone by a storm with its spacious interior and great value for money. When launched the Tata Indica underpinned the Maruti 800 by Rs 30,000 which was the leader at that time.


The Indigo from Tata Motors was the first compact sedan in India and it was major competitor to the other sedans in the market at its time. The Indigo was a sedan based on Indica and it was a sub four meter sedan with a 380 litre boot.


A spokesperson from Tata Motors said that, due to the change in market trends and the evolution of Tata Motors towards its design language, the Indian Automotive Manufacturer has decided to phase out the Indica and the Indigo eCS. The last update that the Indica and the Indigo eCS received was in the year 2013. This update consisted of a reworked transmission, upgradation to the suspension unit and new paint options with new graphics.


Owners of the Indica and Indigo need not worry, as Tata Motors will continue to provide the necessary spares and support for both the hatchback and sedan cars. With the discontinuation of the Tata Indica and the Indigo eCS marks the end of the era that helped shaped Tata Motors.


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