on 11, Sep 2018

At the 2018 MOVE Summit which was held in New Delhi, Maruti unveiled an electric car prototype. As of now, the Indian car manufacturer hasn’t showcased or revealed the name of this electric car and is currently just known as a prototype electric vehicle.

On having a look at this prototype we get to know that the styling is similar to the Japanese spec Wagon-R. We could expect the production spec model to have some similarities borrowed from the standard Wagon-r which is currently been sold in the Japanese domestic market. This particular Wagon-R model is on sale in Japan from January 2017.

Aesthetically, at the front the Prototype EV gets a split head lamp unit and it also boosts of a two part front grille despite being an electric vehicle. Moving towards the side profile, the design of the car is much bolder. The B-pillar is much thicker and is body coloured, whereas the rear door gets surrounded with blue graphics and there are also the electric vehicle graphics on the doors. The front fender on the left side gets a cap which might indicate that it could be covering the charging socket, moving ahead we can see that the ORVM’s are placed on the front door instead of the A-pillar. Towards the rear, the prototype EV boost of a clean tail and the the tail lamps are just placed towards the end of the boot lid and the start of the rear bumper.

As of now, Maruti has not revealed any specifications of the India bound model. According to some rumours it suggests that this EV could be powered by a 73 V electric drive that is gets its power from a 10-25 kWH lithium-ion battery pack.

Maruti plans to launch the Wagon R EV into the Indian market by the mid of 2020. According to the Indian car manufacturer, the Wagon R EV will be put through thorough tests. These test results will help them validate the technology which is to be used under real world driving conditions. Also it will help Maruti Suzuki to get real time range, charging time and the pricing figures. These prototypes are built and based on the existing models from Maruti and they are being developed at the companies Gurgaon plant.

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