on 08, Jun 2018

Automobiles are the best mode of transport and they have been evolving every now and then. Even though we have many other modes of transport such as boats, ships, airplanes, trains etc, specially cars remann to be the worst offenders creating tones of air pollution.


Keeping these factors in mind, auto manufacturers have started alternatives to control pollution. In the recent times we have seen a huge development in electric vehicles, plug in hybrids, full hybrid cars. Companies such as Tesla is pushing the use of electric vehicles with their revolutionary products and are proving the world that electric cars are more efficient.


Many auto manufacturers are working and have announced that they will be replacing their fossil fueled powertrains with electric or hybrid trains in the coming years. However, in India consumers are still dievy with the use of electric vehicles and their viability. In the recent 2018 Auto Expo which was held at the nation capital, saw many budding startups showcasing their electric vehicles. As of the now the electric vehicle is still evolving, in Mumbai Tata Power has opened up many charging stations with the first opened in Vikhroli Mumbai. Bengaluru on the other hand has seen in certain increase in the use of electric vehicles. In the recent months there also has been  a substantial increase in the number f charging stations as well.


Mahindra and Mahindra have already taken a step ahead with the launch of the E2o Plus. This is the four door version of the E2o which was launched some years ago but it could not impress the Indian consumers due to its high price tag, low range and scarcity of charging stations. Mahindra has been developing the E2o ever since and it can be seen on the E2o Plus which higher range and more user friendly and modern technology. Mahindra has also launched the EVerito which is a compact sedan and it is based on the fossil fueled powered Verito.


On the other hand, Tata Motors have also taken interest in the electric vehicle segment had have launched the Tigor Electric which is based on the fossil fuel powered Tigor Compact sedan. As of now, the Tigor Electric only been made available for the government officials according to the tender that Tata Motors bagged. But Tata Motors have also announced that they will be soon launching the Tigor Electric to everyone.


5th of June is acknowledged as World Environment Day and we at MyNewCar are celebrating world environment month in partnership with Mahindra Electric to promote the use of electric vehicles in Bengaluru. With the launch of TRIVZ - The first peer to peer test drive APP in the world from MyNewCar, Mahindra E20 owners can stand a chance of earn Rs 12,500 by using Trivz



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