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The Honda Jazz, one of Honda’s most awaited hatchbacks in India has finally made a comeback. Honda has learnt from its decisions way back with the first gen Jazz for the country. Now, the Jazz has most of its parts localized and has a diesel heart as well.

Like how a new student has to face competition when he enters school,it is the same story with the Jazz. It is time for us now to compare it with the segment leader the Hyundai Elite i20, which needs no introduction the sales figures say it all.

Design and Looks

Let’s start with the Honda, clearly it looks like a lot of lines and angles and creases thrown in on the product . Looks sharp, aerodynamic at the same time a little funky or Jazz-y ????

Elite i 20 on the other hand appears rather well proportioned, a rather European , premium hatch kinds, which it no doubt is.

The interiors of the both the car are again good and very different and personal taste is the only factor which will help you decide.
But, it has to be said Elite i 20 has a much more premium looking twin tone interior , very neatly laid out and not overdone .
The Jazz on the other hand has its interiors copy pasted from the city which look good too but quality is just as like in the Hyundai when it comes to other plastic bits on the inside of the car.
Comfort and Space 

The Eite i 20 is the king of this part of the comparison with other hatches, actually was. Jazz outruns the Elite in this segment of space by a mile. The Jazz feels more spacious the front seats are scooped out giving more knee room and the rear feels more spacious over all when compared to the Elite i20.
The boot of the Honda Jazz makes it look like those 2.5 bhk flats, its big and gets bigger by folding the seats flat OR split OR the second row of the car can be given more space for luggage by wrapping up the seats OR you could join the shotgun seat with the rear and stretch your legs all the way and gives it a business class look.
Boot space is 354 litres.0_468_700_http---

The Elite i 20 has decent space but nothing like the Jazz. But it does score in the comfort segment when it comes to low speeds, it is better than the Jazz when it comes to gliding over potholes and undulated surfaces but not by much. On the other hand, Jazz feels more comfortable , sorted out and stable at higher speeds.
Boot space offered is a much less 285 litres.

Handling and Performance

Let’s talk about the performance first, the Jazz has a 1.5L 98 BHP engine with 200Nm  of Torque which is 20 less than the Elite i20 but Jazz has 10 more horses when compared to the i20.
But the Clattering issue still persists with all the Honda Diesels, it has been worked upon since the first one in the City but it still isn’t as refined as the the one in i20.0_468_700_http---
So, yes the i20 is has a better insulated and more refined 1.4L engine but falls short on power and struggles till the 1.8k RPM mark . The Jazz has the power delivery done in a linear manner so no sudden thrust or “V-Tec kicked in ” seens. Very gradual and linear but don’t mistake it as slow when compared to the Hyundai.

The extra Torque in the i20 makes it feel like a faster car but it isn’t if you compare the 0-100 timings, Jazz does a 12.3 while the i20 does a 12.8.
Jazz feels better when it comes to handling with a much better feedback coming from the steering when compared to the i20 which is not very confidence inspiring while tackling corners. But, both come in handy in the city .
Also, both have a 6 speed gearbox for better fuel economy.


Both these companies have the feature territory well understood or themselves and accomplished as well . The Jazz comes with touch screen panels for the Aircon adjustments and also a touch screen panel for entertainment and rear camera purpose, the lights of the driver’s console with the meters changes colours according to the way you drive.  The i20 misses out on that but will have this added on post or mid July.

Both come with Bluetooth,Aux and USB ports.
The i20 offers Rear A/C vents and push start button which the Jazz doesn’t. Both have steering mounted controls as well. But the i20 has Rack and Reach offered while Jazz comes only with Rack.


Both come equipped with Airbags and ABS filling in the basic requirements of Safety standards here.

Fuel Economy
The Jazz offers 27 kmpl , the Hyundai offers 22.5 kmpl.

Which should you buy?
Well, the Jazz handles better but i20 has a much more refined engine with more torque while the jazz has more power.
The Honda offers incredible practicality and space but it doesn’t offer the premium look and feel of the Elite i20. The designs are again a matter of personal taste but both look great in their own way
Hence, it is a close call. But , hey we love discounts don’t we?
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