on 12, Jun 2018

Back in June 2017, daily fuel revision was kicked in and it still continues, due to which there is a always a sense of heartburn due to the fluctuating fuel prices. Be it consumers on Two wheelers, Three wheelers, four wheelers or even heavy duty vehicle, everyone has to face them.


Currently for 12th of June 2018, the price of petrol is Rs 84.26 a litre in Mumbai and the price of diesel is Rs 72.24 a litre in Mumbai. Although in this month of Jne we have seen a considerable hike in fuel prices but the price doesn't seem to lower as much to benefit the consumers.


Before June 2017, the fuel prices would be revoked every fortnight which would depend on the fluctuations of the international crude oil price. But when the Brent crude oil prices were low, Indian consumers never got to reap the benefits of it. This is due to the high excise tax applied on crude oil which is levied by the state government.


So how do we deal with the upward moving heart burning fuel prices? Well, we have  a solution to this, maximum use of electric vehicles. Even though the electric vehicle segment in India has not grown in comparison with other countries like the UK, Norway, USA, etc but  car manufacturers such as Mahindra and many other emerging startups are trying to revolutionise this segment in the Nation.


As of now, Mahindra is selling the E2o and the E2o plus in the hatchback segment of electric vehicles and also the eVerito in the compact sedan segment. In accordance to this we have seen a considerable increase in charging station as well as many Tech Parks and modern Housing Societies also making charging points available in the leading cities of India.


You must be wondering looking at the price tag of the Mahindra e20 plus ( stering from Rs 7.77 lakh Mumbai) that its alot to invest in an electric car. Although you might also have other better options with added features in fossil fuel cars but in the long run the cost of maintenance of the e20 plus is way much lower.


While owning a fossil fuel car, one has to shell out for fuel which as we see is on the highest in terms of price, the repair cost and the cost to keep these engines in spic and span conditions is high. On the other hand, owning a electric vehicle only the initial price tag is high, you do not have to worry on increase in fuel prices and the only maintenance cost is batteries which usually have to be changed after a period of 4-5 years.


The Indian auto industry is focusing gradually on increasing the market of electric cars. There are two reasons – first, the price of petrol and diesel is increasing day by day, and secondly because of these fuel driven vehicles, the environment is polluted too. At the same time, people of India are known for ‘value for money’ and most of them prefer to buy diesel version cars instead of petrol – powered cars to save money.   


We know that the use of electric vehicles can only be restricted to major cities due the absence of electric charging stations and the low range of these vehicles. But these products are being evolved and it can be a game changer for the consumers in major cities, hence saving more on travelling and commuting and also providing their contribution for a cleaner and greener environment.


We at MyNewCar are celebrating world environment month in partnership with Mahindra Electric to promote the use of electric vehicles in Bengaluru. With the launch of TRIVZ - The first peer to peer test drive APP in the world from MyNewCar, Mahindra E20 owners can stand a chance of earn Rs 12,500 by using Trivz


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