on 12, Apr 2015

Nissan to bring yet another entry level car through Datsun brand to India some time next year.
The company after its launches of the Go and Go+ claims a 2%  growth in sales in a segment dominated by Maruti Suzuki.
This time again they want to bring another entry level car.

Originally, the third vehicle from Datsun was planned for launch in 2017 in India. In January this year, Nissan had launched compact multi purpose vehicle Datsun Go+ with price starting at Rs 3.79 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

Last year, Nissan launched the Datsun Go in India, marking the global comeback of the brand after nearly three decades.
Stating that the company had to focus on setting up infrastructure for spreading the reach of the Datsun brand, Sicard said in the first year


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