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Looking for a new car? But finding it difficult to decide between all those options? Have you already had your heart set on a car but do not know what to look for while test driving a new car? 

Well, look no further cause this guide has got you covered!

In today’s world, a car is more of a necessity than a luxury. Whether you live in a city or the countryside, a car is one of the safest and most comfortable means of travel. Buying a new car is a big decision and one has to consider about every possible aspects while choosing one.  

Choosing a car and booking a test drive can be very complex and hectic so here’s a practical car buying guide that can make the process a much easier. The days of travelling to different showrooms just to look for a car are over. 

Thanks to the internet. 

Now you can look for all the aspects you require and also the costing at the same place. The Mynewcar is a one-stop shop that provides you with cost, specifications as well as the reviews o the cars from experienced buyers.

Most of the people are confused about what to look for while selecting a car? So let us start with that.


How to choose a perfect car for you? Consider these: 

Cost of the Car: Deciding a budget is the first thing to be done while choosing a car. Also, a background checks about the recurring cost i.e. The mileage and cost of maintenance should also be considered for the long run.

Car Features & Specifications: Every different model of a car has a lot of different features. Look for the once you require the most for e.g. If you are a traveller that prefers road trips with the family look for a car that is spacious and has enough boot space for luggage and also see if it has a good AC cooling and suspensions required for a  longer duration of the ride.

Car Engine: Another important aspect to look for is the strength of the model you choose. Every model of a car will have different engine strength and the mileage will vary according to it so make sure you keep that in mind.

The appearance of the Car: The car should match your lifestyle and also meet the needs of your requirement. E.g. if you are looking for a car for daily commute within the city, a hatchback car will be more efficient in terms of mileage and traffic space.

Safety Measures: Check if the car provides the ABS (anti-lock braking system) and airbags and other safety features required by you.

Availability of the Car: Check for the availability of the model in your vicinity. See for the available service centres it has. Look for the free and paid services provided by the company. Most OEMs offer AMC as well, so ask for it. Compare the quality of the service given by various companies and the charges of the same.

So now you have looked at all the theoretical aspects and have chosen a car based on your requirements. So what’s next? of course, the time to take a test drive!

Test driving a car is really important as it can give you a perspective on how your car will perform in reality. Want to know more about how to test drive a car? Let’s start.

Let's take a look at those test drive tips. 


Top 10 Things to Know Before Test-Driving a New Car

  1. Family, friends, relatives; you can take them all! The benefit of this is that you will get a review of the car from every person. Also, you will know how the car performs and if it lacks suspension in any area. see whether the selected car fits in your parking lot. 
  2. Carry the copy of the car brochure of the car you will be test driving. Bring A CD/ USB drive that can be connected with your favourite songs (if applicable).
  3. Observe the position of headlights and taillights of the car and overall styling including the tyres. The car should appear to your liking. Observe the paints, panels and the overall finish. Check the car door handles, the position of review mirrors and also the strength and ease of car doors. 
  4. Check if the car door opens wide enough and how securely they close. Check for the boot space. Getting in as well as coming out of the car should be comfortable.
  5. Get in the back seat of the car to observe the legroom and headroom. Observe how comfortable the back seats are also observed the strength and position of seat belts.
  6. The person that shall be driving should get a sense of the driver’s seat. Whether the seat is comfortable enough and is adjustable according to his/her stature. 
  7. The movement of the seat in order to reach the foot pedals should be easy and should fix firmly for the desired position. 
  8. The driver should be able to reach the gear lever and steering easily and it should not interfere with the driver’s visibility.
  9. Adjust all the rear view and side view mirrors. Check the size of the compartments. See if the gadgets like vents, wipers etc. are easy to use. 
  10. If u are opting for an SUV check the strength of AC at the furthest seating. If opting for an inbuilt sound system. Connect your device to play a song or play a CD to check the quality.

Essential Factors to Know While Test-Driving a New Car

  • Go for the type of route you will be travelling by car on the regular basis. Check the ease of the steering, if it requires too much effort or is easy. 
  • Check for the visibility of all the rearview mirrors. Check the ease of gearbox and foot pedals. every model is different so check the strength of brakes to see how powerful they are. Record the response time of gear.
  • Get the feel of engine and acceleration. rev the car to 4000rpm to get if the car is quick or not. Check how smoothly the car travels on a slope (especially in the upward direction). 
  • Check the loudness of the engine and whether it sounds smooth or rough. Check the response time for the change of speed and gear. Drive at various speeds on different gears to observe the noises and vibrations made by tyres and gears.
  • Choose a route that consists of potholes and traffic. See the response time to the change of pace, also check the suspension of the car through potholes and see if the doors rattle or squeaks when travelling on a rough road.
  • Check the ac while driving at a high speed to check if there is a drop in the speed. It’s important to check how long it takes for the car to heat up and cool down. Observe ac, fan noises on various speed levels.
  • Try reversing it into a parking space to see if you can handle to park the car and to check visibility from the side and rear view mirrors.
  • Discuss the doubts and concerns and the issues faced during driving with the sales executive. There is a chance that the issue faced may have been in this particular car and not in general. Ask for another test drive if unsure.

A salesperson will always try to sell you a car and would not tell you the issues faced by the car most of the times. A seller will always tell you about the mileage ideally given by the company. 


So how will you get an honest review? Also, how will you know if the car won’t face more issues over time? What part of the car you will have to pay the most attention to. Well, you can always ask a friend but there is also an easier option. 

You do have an option of going to the showroom but did you know that you can also test drive the cars bought by other customers? 

Yeah, you heard right! 

Its a new initiative was taken by Mynewcar that makes it possible! Want to know more? Keep reading!

What if I tell you that there is a solution which connects you to the real-time owner. Curious?

Test Drive Solution: Trivz - Test Drive Simplified 

Trivz App

Trivz is an initiative taken by Mynewcar in order to make the test driving experience easier. its world’s first peer to peer test drive platform. It connects new car buyers to real-time owners. That means It’s an online portal that lets you test drive the cars directly from owners. It is available in the form of test drive website and test drive application. The best part about this initiative is you can directly see how the car will age in real time. You can also discuss the maintenance required and the issues faced by the owners over the period of time. It’s super fast and easy.

Are you curious to know how does Trivz works? So Let's Start.

  • Trivz, the test drive tool, is available for android and ios. You can also log into trivz.in. Trivz, lets you choose an owner and a car around your neighbourhood.
  • By default, the car will be selected within the 10kms radius from your location but you can edit it ranging from 5kms to even 50kms.
  • Once an owner is selected; you have the option to contact him via the application. The best part about this app is not only you get to talk to a real-time owner but at the same time, your contact number will be masked by the application ensuring your privacy.
  • Once you are allotted a car owner you can decide on the test drive within a week. You can decide the location of the test drive based on your comfort.
  • That’s not all, you can even cancel the test drive if you are uncertain about the car or the owner. The user-friendly interface lets you test drive the car with ease. One less thing to be worried about, right?

So what exactly are the advantages of test driving a car through Trivz App over test driving with the dealer? 

Test Drive via Dealer Test Drive via Trivz App
The salesperson will always say good things about the car and may hide some issues faced. There is no salesperson involved so you get the honest reviews from real customers.
The dealers will always tell you the company provided mileage. You will be able to judge the actual mileage of the car in real time.
You will have to go to a showroom and book an appointment for the test drive. Through the trivz app, you can decide to meet at a location that is comfortable for both of you.
Your test drive will be based on the availability of the salesperson. You may have to wait for some time. The test drive will happen on the time you decide. You will not have to wait for additional time.
The route is mainly decided by the salesperson. Since you will already know a lot about the location you can easily choose the route you desire.
You won’t know the issues faced by the car once it ages  You can discuss the issues faced by owners over the period of time.

These days everything is about comfort and what is more easier than booking a test drive with a click of a button. So what are you waiting for! Book your test drive now and experience the bliss of driving the car of your dreams! 

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