on 19, Jul 2019

This Story Behind Maruti Ertiga Cross Will Haunt You Forever

When it comes to Indian families, having a bigger car is always the best option. Whether it’s a family trip, a night out with friends or a weekend getaway with the kids, having your own car is always the best option. 

Because of these reasons, the muvs are getting really popular here in India and has slowly started capturing the market. 

The ertiga by Maruti Suzuki was one of the most affordable multi-utility cars out there. Specially designed with keeping the Indian middle-class family in mind. The ertiga soon got pretty popular in the Indian automotive market the MUV that started with a price range that of a mid-level hatchback, soon rose to the top because of its cost, engine and features.

There were some other things that made the Indian population to stretch the budget and opt for other SUVs. Main reasons being the space and the looks. Realising that, Maruti Suzuki took a step forward to make the old ertiga even better. The new ertiga cross is expected to improve on the drawbacks it had in order to target a certain population with a bigger budget. 


The car is most likely to change its name once introduced. The car is scheduled to launch on August 21st of this year. The car that was considered a people mover and a low-end MUV will receive a huge makeover. The car is expected to be more bold and rugged in terms of design.

The car will have a more boxy shape than that of the old ertiga along with roof rails. The car will also get a better ground clearance than its predecessors. The car gets larger chrome grille, new headlamps with LED drls, modified rear bumper and a new front bumper as well. The car will also have more colour options than the older model.


The car is the slightly premium version of ertiga and to make it more premium and avoid the issue with space, the car will come with a 6-seater arrangement.

Still, the car is expected to be bigger than the older ertiga. The car will be sold trough the nexa dealership that deals with the more premium cars from Maruti Suzuki. The car will be powered by the same 1.5-litre petrol and diesel option along with a BS-VI transmission. The cross will likely have only one variant.


The ertiga cross will be priced competitively and priced higher than the older ertiga. The ertiga cross is expected to start around rs. 11.50 lakhs as opposed to rs. 7.50 lakhs the older model is priced at.

The ertiga cross is also expected to have features like Sunroof, Body cladding, 16-inch alloys, Cruise Control, Automatic gearbox, Rain-sensing wipers, Auto headlamps, Black upholstery and Captain seats which are absent in the older model. 


The car will compete with Mahindra marazzo, honda BR-V and even Innova. The car will obviously get more attention because of the hype but also for its addition to the nexa family. Maruti Suzuki will also have an option for its more premium customer base in the form of the new ertiga and it is expected to do well in the market.

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