on 27, May 2015

1. Read the instruction manual. Each car seat requires different harness slots, so it’s best you determine this information from the manual specific to the car seat you’re using

2. Place the car seat in the back of your car. The base should be flat on the seat of the car and the back should be straight up against the cushion. Raise or remove any head restraints if necessary.

3. Find the belt path on the car seat. It should be marked with stickers (usually located in the back of the seat).

4. Attach the car seat’s tethers to your car’s tether anchor. If your car seat doesn’t have tethers, consider calling your manufacturer to see if they can be added. They can increase the safety in your car.[1]

5. Ensure a snug harness. Consider having your installation double-checked by a child passenger safety technician to ensure proper installation.

Source Wikihow


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