Driving style reveals a lot about your personality. It’s pretty funny to see some of our driving habits, specifically here, how one “holds” the wheel. And you will see that your hand position at that time speaks volumes about your personality. Scroll through this fun and informative test below to see what your driving style says about your personality.

A) You are “The Modest One!”

Now that we have given you the tag of a Modest One, don’t you start bragging about yourself. We know, you’re the person who likes of keep things as simple as possible. You follow the mantra-“Keep Calm & Carry On”. You like to dress simple- white t-shirt with blue jeans are your favourite. And just because you keep your life simple, doesn’t mean you are boring. Don’t worry, people admire your modesty and your drama-free approach to life!

B) You are “The Funny One!”

You’re the “Chandler Bing” of your group. People call you by the different nicknames- The Class Clown, The Attention Seeker, Funny Bones, but you don’t care and why should you. Your creative mind never misses any chance to add humour in other people’s boring life. You’re artistic, you’re creative, you’re funny and that’s why you stand apart from regular mango people. But when it comes to driving, we advise you to keep your humour in your pocket, eyes on the road and hands on the steering.  

C) You are “The Cautious One!”

Be glad because you the cautious one. And when it comes to driving, one can never be too cautious. So feel proud. You are a caring person who values family and friendship. You don’t like to take risk, be it in share market, or betting against the odds or while driving. Though you may not always put yourself out there, those that know you know how great a person you truly are.

D) You are “The Explorer!”

You’re the explorer who follows his/her own dreams. You like to mix things up, because hey! Why so boring? You have always been an energetic, outgoing, competitive alpha archetype. A risk taker who loves to live on the edge and believe in making the most of every moment.

E) You are “The Experienced One!”

You are the experienced one in your friends and family. You don’t like to get drawn into arguments, as conflict tends to make you uncomfortable. If you were ever to raise your voice, your loved ones would be extremely surprised and would know that you mean business. You don’t have a high tolerance for feuds between others, so you will often lend your peacekeeping and problem solving skills to bring about a swift and successful resolution!

F) You are “The Defender!”

People love you. You are a great cheerleader for your friends and family. You are genuinely happy when others find success, and you aren’t afraid to be vocal with your support. You are a great listener, making you a prime target for friends who are seeking advice. While you may not always take life by the horns, you are happy to sit back and let others take the lead. You would much rather spend your time enjoying life with a friendly and positive outlook!

G) You are “The Dominator!”

You are a natural-born leader. You have a real knack for taking charge of a situation in a clear and decisive manner. Others look to you for guidance and advice. They trust you, largely because you are so confident in your abilities. At work, you often receive praise for your leadership skills. In love, you may struggle slightly in finding someone who complements your “Type A” nature, but when you do, it will definitely have been worth the wait!

H) You are “The Excited One!”

As you are the excited one, chances are you don’t take life too seriously, and you approach situations with a much more relaxed and chill approach. It often appears that you don’t have a care in the world. Even in tough times, you like to project an air of confidence and indifference. You live every day like it is a vacation day. Friends and family turn to you anytime they are looking for a day of fun!

I) You are “The Idealist!”

A for Apple and I for Idealist. All hail the perfectionist. You know exactly how to drive a car as this is the best posture described by car aficionados and experts. The hand position on steering makes a perfect 10 & 2 and you cant be more right on this. This perfect handbook position describes that you play by the rules and you have a strong belief that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Your perfectionist personality has probably brought you much success in life. In the areas of work, fashion, love, and friendship, others aspire to be as on point as you!

J) You are “The Noisy One!”


Watch out, world – “The Noisy One” is coming through! You are a busy person, and you do not have time for people who get in your way. Rather than wasting time on problem solving, you prefer to plow through things, leaving any obstacles in the dust. Others admire your drive and your determination, and they know they can rely on you to get things done. You are goal-oriented and action-oriented, both of which will take you very far in life!

So what’s the perfect position if you ask us? Here’s the one, you should follow. 



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