on 22, Nov 2017

Many of the accidents that occur on the highways are due to tyre burst. This can lead to major accidents and it will cause harm to you and the fellow drivers on the highway. When driving on highways we doing high speeds and it could cause total loss of the car and your lives also will be endangered. No matter how skilful the driver is or no matter how safe your car is, tyre bursts can happen to any car at any time. Hence in this article, we will be acknowledging you about the things you should be doing when you face such a situation.


Caution: If tyre burst happens at the above 140km/hr, it can be really dangerous and getting out of it will be a miracle. Hence do not overspeed on highways and maintain safe cruising speeds.


  • When we encounter such situation we naturally tend to panic a lot, try and keep calm.

  • We naturally slam your brakes whenever we face an emergency situation, but doing this during a tyre burst will be risky. This could tend to roll over the car.

  • Gradually reduce speed, it doesn't mean that we have to immediately take our foot off the accelerator or slam the brakes.

  • As the tyre is blown out the car speed will reduce on its own and you can also use the technique of engine braking to reduce your speed.

  • Reducing the speed gradually will help you get the car stable and help you steer the car to a safe spot.

  • If your car is equipped with cruise control and if it is activated in this situation, please switch it off immediately.

  • During a tyre burst situation, the steering wheel tends to move in the direction to the side in which the tyre burst has occurred. Try and keep the steering wheel straight which will help you to keep the car stable.

  • Do Not forcefully turn your steering wheel as this will tend to lose stability and will cause the car to flip over.

  • Once you regain stability, get to safe spot and let the car move with the decelerating engine speed and let it stop.

  • Do not stop in the  middle of the road  as this could lead to a massive collision

  • Once stopped at a safe spot, turn on your hazard lights and contact Roadside Assistance.


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