How to Test Drive a New Car

  • A proper test drive is essential to ensure that you choose the suitable car based on your requirement while buying a new car. After having shortlisted the new car based on your usage, budget and brand, car buyers at times don’t get the most out of the test drive. Here are some test drive tips.

    • Confirm the specification likes engine, transmission and features of the test drive car to ensure that you are testing the selected variant of the car and not a generic model
    • Walk around the car to check the design, paint and overall appearance
    • Evaluate build quality, overall fit & finish
    • Ensure that you are able get in and out of the car easily and can adjust the seat and steering to be have a comfortable driving position
    • Take your family with you for the test drive – are they comfortable in the car?
    • Can you see the instruments clearly and reach the controls?
    • Play with the gadgets and systems like air-con, infotainment system
    • Check boot space for your luggage and shopping bags
    • Simulate the type of driving you will do on a daily basis with driving in city and highway
    • Ask questions related to key features, after sales service to the sales person
    • As a car buyer, you are in control. Don’t be pressurized into making a decision.

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