on 14, May 2015

Great Escapes & Off-Road Trophy Date Expeditions Date Challenges Date
Shillong 30th May Monastery Escape Leg 1 27th June – 6th July Monsoon Challenge 1st – 4th August
Lonavala 11th July Authentic Goa 18th – 21st July Spice Challenge 12th – 14th Sept
GOA 25th July Monastery Escape Classic Leg 2 11th – 20th July 2015    
Nagpur 8th August Spiti Escape Aug 31st – 6th Sept    
Sakleshpur 29th Aug Trination Escape 10th – 22nd October    
Sakleshpur Off-road Trophy 30st Aug Authentic North East November 21st – December 1st    
Kottayam 26th Sept Royal Escape Dec 26th- 1st Jan-16    
Kottayam Off-road Trophy 27th Sept Super South Dec 26th- 1st Jan 16    
Chennai 10th Oct Wild Escape 8th February-15th February 2016    
Hyderabad 25th Oct        
Chandigarh 7th Nov        
Gurgaon 12th Dec        
Off-road Trophy Finals 14-15th Jan 2016  


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