on 21, Nov 2017

Suzuki and Toyota have announced that they will be creating a joint strategy to manufacture electric vehicles in India by 2020. They will be signing a MoU ( memorandum of understanding ) which will be based on their earlier Feb 2017 agreement.  

According to the MoU, Suzuki will produce electric vehicles for the Indian market and it will also supply it to Toyota. On the other hand, Toyota will produce technical support for these electric vehicles. 

Toyota and Suzuki are also conducting a comprehensive study on the use of electric vehicles in India. Their studies will include the establishment of charging station and the training of sales and after-sales team. 

Suzuki has announced that it will be establishing a Lithium-ion battery plant in Gujarat and is also looking out to locally produce and source the equipment which will be used for the battery pack, electric motors and other essential parts. 

Suzuki CEO, Toshihiro Suzuki, had said that as the Indian government is pushing towards the production and use of electric vehicles in India. The partnership with Toyota will help them face the hurdles as India is looking forward to going all electric by the year 2030.


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