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Top 12 Automotive Bloggers in India You Must Follow Today

Cars and bikes are not just a mode of transport but it's a lifestyle for many automotive enthusiasts like me and you. So when it comes to knowing the changes in the trends in the automotive scenario as well as while buying our beloved machine we tend to do a lot of research, especially on the internet.

To simply our needs we have many automotive bloggers as well as news website who keep us updated with the same. Hence we bring to you these top automotive bloggers from India who not only love sharing about the latest cars and bikes but also help us to evaluate and choose our set of four or two wheels with ease.

1 IndianAutosBlog:

IndianAutosBlog-mynewcarIndianAutosBlog was founded by Shrawan Raja, who is an Automotive Engineer based out of Chennai. Shrawan started this automotive based blog in the year 2008 with the whole and sole ambition to educate the Indians about the whereabouts and the changing trends about cars sold abroad. In addition to this, he also has an aim to make the foreigners know about the growing and constantly changing the automotive industry in the nation.

IndianAutosBlog covers everything from the latest automobile news in India and also from the foreign automobile industry. In addition to this, they also provide with latest car and bike ride reviews. Till date, Shrawan and his team have uploaded more than thirty thousand articles and the page views cross above forty lakhs in a month.

  • Website link: https://indianautosblog.com

  • Founded: 2008

  • Facebook Fans:190K (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 31.3K (as of Dec'18)

2 ThrustZone:


ThrustZone has been founded by Mohit Soni, who is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and is a secret admirer of cars too. Mohit has a ton of experience in the Indian automotive industry and he has spent about a decade studying it. ThrustZone is one the famous Indian blog sites which keeps updating its followers with the latest news in the automobile industry along.

They also provide us with the latest reviews on the new cars and bikes and also helps simplifies its users with a comparison between their rivals. In addition with this, spy shots of the upcoming vehicles to be launched are frequent along with the most popular walk around videos of the latest cars and bikes which gives its users a closer look towards the machines. ThrustZone’s mission is to provide everyone with the honest and unbiased views and the real deal about the automotive industry that deserves to be shown.

  • Website link: https://www.thrustzone.com

  • Facebook Fans: 9900 (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 350 (as of Dec'18)

3 Carblog India:

Carblog-IndiaCarBlogIndia is one of the popular blogs in India and it has been founded by Rohit Khurana who is also the Chief Editor for the same. Rohit who is also a Mechanical Engineer founded CarBlogIndia in the year 2008 with the mission to get the latest automotive news to the masses. They provide free email newsletters to their website followers.

This blog is being run by avid petrol heads who strive to get the latest auto-related news out and they also frequently post the latest car and bike related videos on their official youtube channel. CarBlogIndia also posts comparisons, features and automotive related tips along with car and bike reviews.

  • Website Link: https://www.carblogindia.com

  • Founded: 2008

  • Facebook Fans: 149k (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 11.8K (as of Dec'18)

  • Youtube Subscribers: 62,290 (as of Dec'18)

4 MotorBeam:

MotorBeam-mynewcar MotorBeam is one of the most loved Autoblog, that has been founded on the famous bloggers in India, Faisal Khan. The whole and sole aim of MotorBeam is to produce and publish accurate as well as honest reviews and news related to the Indian automobile industry. MotorBeam provides regular car and bike updates via their latest news articles in detail.

They help and provide every user for choosing their next vehicle with the regular posts that include detailed road test, long-term reviews, and comparisons along with video reviews. In addition to this, MotorBeam also issues a monthly magazine and also runs community forum for all automotive enthusiasts.

  • Website Link: https://www.motorbeam.com

  • Founded: 2008

  • Facebook Fans: 255k (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 96.1k (as of Dec'18)

  • Youtube Subscribers: 6,13, 301

5 Cartorq:

CartorqCartoq has become India’s followed automotive websites which cater around 20 million users. Users have access to Cartoq’s latest automobile related news, new car and bike launches along with genuine reviews and trending stories. The army behind Cartoq is a strong team of automotive journalists and content specialist who get us the new trends around the automotive industry.

Cartoq aims to provide its users with simple content and this has made it one of the fastest growing auto blogging websites in the nation. It also strives a mission to be the one stop destination for auto buyers and petrol heads across India. To reach every auto buyer, owner or enthusiasts, Cartoq’s provides with content in Hindi with Cartoq Hindi. This has helped them gain four million monthly users just within its launch in the first three months.

  • Website Link: https://www.cartoq.com

  • Facebook Fans: 3.6 million (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 11.6k (as of Dec'18)

  • Youtube Subscribers: 51,900 (as of Dec'18)

6 IndiaCarNews:

IndiaCarNews-mynewcarIndiaCarNews was founded in the year 2015 by Vikas Yogi with a clear vision to become a corner in which both car enthusiasts and bike enthusiasts receive all kind of updates and changes in the trends related to the automotive industry in India. This auto blogger has been famous for sharing their unbiased views and reliable information about the Indian automobile industry and market.

Apart from the regular auto related news, IndiaCarNews also provide latest reviews on cars and bikes, buying suggestions for the keen auto buyers along with scoops, faqs and comparisons of cars and bikes with their rivals.

  • Website Link: https://www.indiacarnews.com

  • Founded: 2015

  • Facebook Fans: 504k (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 5900 (as of Dec'18)

  • Youtube Subscribers: 203,600 (as of Dec'18)

7 RushLane:

RushLane-mynewcar Rushlane was founded in the year 2009, with a whole and sole aim to be the cleanest and honest automotive website. It has strived to its mission and is now the leading automotive blog in India for car and bike news as well as reviews. Rushlane was founded by Mayur Sabharwal and the editorial team is being led by Sagar Patel.

According to RushLane most of the readers are auto enthusiasts, executives, and investors. In addition to this, as they have noted on their website, RushLane does involve in selling sell cars, car parts, bikes, or bike parts. The Blog is updated every day with fresh news regarding the automotive industry and they also provide their readers with exclusive spy shots. What makes RushLane stand out is that they also update their blog with content in Hindi, hence helping them extending their reader base to each and everyone in the country.

  • Website Link: https://www.rushlane.com

  • Founded: 2009

  • Facebook Fans: 501k (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 8.1k (as of Dec'18)

  • Youtube Subscribers: 26,001 (as of Dec'18)

8 Motoroids:

Motoroids-mynewcar Motoroids was founded by Amit Changani as India’s first two-wheelers electronic magazine in the year 2010. Motoroids also provides us with the latest automotive news and reviews on cars and bikes. In Amit’s 12-year long journalism career, he has worked with the leading publications such as Car India, Bike India, TopGear, Automiddleeast, Mid-Day, CFO Magazine, and the Free Press Journal.

Motoroids represents the young and new face in the Indian auto journalism and it strives to it. Within a short span of time, they have gained a lot of popularity which can only be dreamt of by its competitors. Motoroids also strives to get to its readers with the latest automotive trends and followings.

  • Website: https://www.motoroids.com

  • Founded: 2010

  • Facebook Fans:1.4m (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 84k (as of Dec'18)

  • Youtube Subscribers: 135,290 (as of Dec'18)

9 MotorOctane:

MotorOctane-mynewcarMotoroctane has been founded by Rachit Hirani and he and his team are very dedicated to their work. As Rachit’s family have been closely related to the automotive industry for decades, he has cars and bikes flowing in his blood. Their passion for cars and bikes can be seen in their blogs and even in their videos.

They have a constantly growing number of subscribers and their unique content is their key for it. MotorOctane posts the latest auto news, views and reviews on new cars and bikes on their blog. Their main motive is to solve the problems of buyers who want to purchase their new ride. 

  • Website: https://motoroctane.com

  • Founded: 2010

  • Facebook Fans: 27k (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 26K (as of Dec'18)

  • Youtube Subscribers: 853,339 (as of Dec'18)

10 GaadiWaadi:

GaadiWaadi-mynewcar GaadiWaadi is one of the best sources to get different automotive spy shots in India. In addition to this, they also post regularly about the latest trends in the automotive world via the news, reviews and trivia sections. Gaurav Yadav is the FOunder and the Editor of GaadiWaadi.com who launched this website in the year 2013. Gaurav Yadav has been an auto enthusiast since his childhood and once he completed his post-graduation, he started focusing for his passion for cars and bikes. This passion lured him to this automotive sector and contributing a lot to it.

Since its launch, the only aim of GaadiWaadi is to provide its readers with unbiased automotive news, views about the changing trends in the automotive industry, analysis of different vehicles, reviews of new vehicles and the comparisons of vehicles with their rivals. According to Alexa.com as per (10/10/2016), GaadiWaadi.com was ranked at 1001 position in India and globally it was ranked at 11502 positions.

  • Website: https://gaadiwaadi.com

  • Founded: 2013

  • Facebook Fans: 722k (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 55.2k (as of Dec'18)

  • Youtube Subscribers: 255,832 (as of Dec'18)

11 Powerdrift:

Powerdrift-mynewcarInitially, PowerDrift was known as Power To The Rider when it was established back in 2012. Rohan Albal who is also known as TenHut founded Power To The Rider which was only dedicated to motorcycle content. Power To The Rider was founded with the dedication to provide the best and unbiased motorcycle content.

With this, the fanbase of it grew faster and soon PTR was developed with a bigger team and it was renamed as we all know it as “PowerDrift”. Through their Youtube video’s, PowerDrift has changed the boring car and bike reviews from the Indian automotive journalism to some great exciting content. Hence PowerDrift strives to their motto- "Showcasing Indian motoring in a way its deserved to be seen."

  • Website: http://www.powerdrift.com

  • Founded: 2012

  • Facebook Fans: 434k (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 268k (as of Dec'18)

  • Youtube Subscribers:1,377,868 (as of Dec'18)

12 Wheels Guru:

Wheels-Guru-mynewcar Wheels Guru is one of the most comprehensive automotive bloggers that provides its readers with the relevant information on two and four wheeler launches, vehicle comparisons and many more important aspects of a vehicle. In addition to this, they also have a travel diary in which they pen down their travel experience. They also have an EMI calculator which will help you calculate your loan amount to buy your next dream ride.

  • Website: http://www.wheelsguru.com

  • Facebook Fans: 18.8k (as of Dec'18)

  • Instagram Followers: 30.2k (as of Dec'18)

  • Twitter Followers: 4475

With this, we at MyNewCar have listed down the top automotive bloggers from India that you should follow for the latest changes and trends in the automotive world.

The content created from these bloggers will help you buy your next dream ride in a simplified way in accordance to one's need. Also Stay tuned to MyNewCar.in for the latest auto updates and we also help you buy your new car with ease and stand a chance to win amazing offers and discounts.

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