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Top 12 Automotive Bloggers in India You Must Follow Today

India has a huge automotive industry as well as a large number of auto enthusiasts. For many people, cars and bikes are just a means to cover their journeys but for automotive enthusiasts, it is a way of life. One of the categories of these enthusiasts is automotive bloggers. The automotive bloggers bridge the gap between the product and the buyers.

They provide us with all the details of the vehicle even before the launch with the help of spy shots, leaked interior images, leaked brochures. After the launch, they provide us with a detailed review of the car-its exterior, interior, performance and ride and handling. They make us aware of the latest happenings in the automobile industry i.e., the automobile news India and prepare us for the upcoming launches.

They make sure that while buying a new car, we know every detailing of it. The work they do takes a lot of effort and they make sure that they provide us with non-ambiguous content. But not all bloggers enjoy success, as automotive blogging is not that easy. After all, auto blogging requires perseverance, hard work, excellent writing skills, fluency in conveying one’s thoughts and after all a strong knowledge of automobiles. Here we will see the famous automotive bloggers of India (not listed in a particular order) and their popular blog sites, their brief history and will further try to understand as to why they are popular. We will also see their reach on social media platforms.



MotorOctane is one of the fastest growing auto community in the country. The community has been founded by Rachit Hirani, who is a motoring journalist with experience in lifestyle genres too. He loves everything related to cars, be it test-driving, covering news, reviews, interviews and feature stories. Not just that, he is good at covering travel stories too. Rachit has a background in travel, food and gadgets as well.


MotorOctane.com has been founded in order to provide you news, expert reviews, features, comparisons and travel stories from the automotive industry. Whether you want to buy a new car or you just love reading about new cars, MotorOctane will help you stay updated with all the happenings in the form of new and upcoming launches. Detailed videos and comparisons will help you buy the best car for you. In other words, it is a perfect platform for auto enthusiasts.

Social Media Reach:

Website: www.motoroctane.com

YouTube: 962,767 subscribers

Facebook: 27,450 followers

Twitter: 1,623 followers

Instagram: 32.5 k followers



Founded by Sagar Patel in November 2009, RushLane is a leading source of cars/bikes news & reviews. The website is updated every day with the very latest auto news., reviews and photos. As per RushLane, most of its readers are auto enthusiasts, executives and investors.


Their aim is to remain the cleanest and honest automotive website. The website has a dedicated space for providing spy shots and all the information related to commercial vehicles. Another interesting feature of this website is that it can be accessed in Hindi.

Social Media Reach:

Website: www.rushlane.com

YouTube: 27,399 subscribers

Facebook: 500,327 followers

Twitter: 6,582 followers

Instagram: 9,985 followers



CarToq claims that it is India’s No.1 auto content site with more than 20 million users accessing the latest automobile news, new launches, reviews & other trending stories every month. CarToq owes its success to a strong and dedicated team of auto journalists & content specialists, that has helped the company become a one-stop destination for auto buyers, owners & enthusiasts across the country.


It covers news, in-depth articles, upcoming and recent launches, used cars, accessories, maintenance and gadgets where it covers various apps and smartphones. The company’s aim is to provide engaging yet simple content. This has helped CarToq become one of the fastest growing auto content platforms in the country. By providing the content in Hindi as well, CarToq has been able to garner an additional 4 million monthly users in just 3 months of its launch.

Social Media Reach:

Website: www.cartoq.com

YouTube: 53,923 subscribers

Facebook: 3,658,795 followers

Twitter: 1,666 followers

Instagram: 14.4k followers



Rohit Khurana, a Mechanical Engineering alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering, is the founder and Chief Editor of Car Blog India. Rohit has been active in technology writing since 2007 and he began writing about automobiles since 2008. He has always been closer to cars, beginning from his college days, when he participated in the Formula Student Competition organised by SAE International. He has over five years of experience with Technology and Automobile authoring. As a result of his dedication towards his work, he has been featured in many entrepreneurial publications like YourStory.in and MYOD for his entrepreneurial achievements under the age of 30 years.


One of the fastest growing automobile news websites, Car Blog India is amongst the top in its business based on readership statistics. The blog covers everything related to cars and motorcycles in the Indian automobile market – car news, bike news, comparisons/features, car/bike reviews, etc. The blog is being run by a team of passionate petrolheads who thrive to bring the latest news to its readers. An attractive feature of this blog is that it offers a free email newsletter to all its registered subscribers.

Social Media Reach:

Website: www.carblogindia.com

YouTube: 63,389 subscribers

Facebook: 158,231 followers

Twitter: 5,695 followers

Instagram: 10.7k followers



An MBA graduate from Symbiosis, Pune, Faisal Khan is the founder and CEO of MotorBeam. Faisal has a strong passion for cars and bikes that dates back to when he was 2-years old. He is addicted to anything that has wheels, be it a 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler. He is a huge fan of Formula1 and MotoGP.

Faisal is also a foodie and an avid marathon runner. Motor Beam believes that their beginnings have been very humble. Things started off with a personal blog on anything automobile, but the blog is now being run by a hardworking team of fifteen members that have been producing content on multiple platforms. The sheer dedication of this team has resulted in Motor Beam, ranking among the top 3 digital automotive content brands in the country.


The main objective of the brand is to provide honest and unbiased content. According to the auto blog, they have become a highly engaged platform with engagement being more than all other automobile platforms combined. The blog helps buyers, users and enthusiasts in getting all the information about cars and bikes, be it news, reviews, comparisons, long term usage, analysis and fun engaging content in text and video formats. The website has a special shootout section where it compares two vehicles based on a detailed road test.

Social Media Reach:

Website: www.motorbeam.com  

YouTube: 636,472 subscribers

Facebook: 254,889 followers

Twitter: 12.8K followers

Instagram: 125k followers

Indian Autos Blog


Indian Auto Blog (IAB) has been founded by Shrawan Raja, who doubles up as the Editor in Chief. Shrawan started building the website when he was 21. The blog was established in 2008 and can be deemed as a pioneer in the Indian blogosphere for automotive content. He dedicates the success of the blog to his “passionate & persevering pack of content producers”. His idea is to make the blog the most loved automotive website. His hobbies include hiking, playing fetch with his two dogs, listening to Zig Ziglar, solving word games, reading scriptures and enjoying a game of cricket.

Indian Autos Blog

IAB believes that it is the most-read automotive blog with over a million readers. It provides in-depth information about the Indian automotive industry to readers from over 200 countries. The website focuses on Global Auto News, rumours, scoops, spy shots and renders and pays prime attention to the Indian Auto Market. The blog has a wide range of readers ranging from high school students, entrepreneurs, market researchers, development engineers, managers to CEOs and policy markets. Hourly news articles, updates and reviews from emerging automotive markets are published on this blog

Social Media Reach:

Website: www.indianautosblog.com

YouTube: 10,636 subscribers

Facebook: 1,56,886 followers

Twitter: 25.6K followers

Instagram: 34.5k followers

India Car News

India Car News

India Car News (ICN) is relatively a new name in the automotive blogging industry. The platform was founded by an auto enthusiast, Vikas Yogi in 2015. ICN is a group of ardent automobile journalists, who are committed to providing latest auto news and honest car reviews.  The platform is religiously dedicated to fetching the most unbiased and reliable information about the Indian automotive market.       

India Car News

Along with that, it aims to create a corner where car and bike enthusiasts can receive all kind of automobile updates in the simplest and quickest manner. The website not just brings automotive news to its readers but also the latest car and bike reviews, buying suggestions, comparisons, scoops, FAQs, etc. The website has a separate section for two wheelers. The team at ICN is currently working to expand its outreach. The content at ICN is also available in the Hindi language.   

Social Media Reach:

Website: www.indiacarnews.com

YouTube: 225,246 subscribers

Facebook: 474,488 followers

Twitter: 2,565 followers

Instagram: 6,118 followers



PowerDrift, formerly known as PTR (Power to The Rider) was founded by Rohan Albal. PowerDrift was launched with one mission – “To showcase Indian motoring in a way it deserves to be seen”. It attempts to bring its viewers and readers, the ‘real-deal’ version of motoring, the true grit of motorsports and the triumphant passion of a million enthusiasts across the country.


The site has a section called ‘PowerDrift Social News Feeds’ which is regularly updated with new content. Owing to their unique style of presenting automotive videos, they have a huge YouTube fanbase.

Social Media Reach:

Website: www.powerdrift.com

YouTube: 1,440,207 subscribers

Facebook: 434,804 followers

Twitter: 24.7K followers

Instagram: 285k followers



Founded by Amit Chhangani in 2010, Motoroids is one of the most loved auto blogs in the country. Motoroids represents the young new face of Indian auto journalism. Amit is also the Editorial Head of Motoroids.                              


The website does not stick itself to just providing engaging car and bike content, videos and reviews but also covers various Auto Expos as well as Motorsports shows. The website has several sections such as news, features, launches, reviews, mods (modified cars and bikes), interesting/off-beat, lists, gallery and forums for discussing question-answers. Within a short span of time, the company has been able to gain a lot of popularity which could only be dreamt by its competitors.

Social Media Reach:

Website: www.motoroids.com

YouTube: 154,615 subscribers

Facebook: 1,484,759 followers

Twitter: 5,128 followers

Instagram: 85.9k followers

Wheel Guru

Wheel Guru

Wheels Guru has been founded by Shahnawaz Karim in 2009. Shahnawaz has been an ardent fan of motorcycles. He has participated in various motorsports events such as Formula Maruti Races, Yamaha races, KTM races, speed sprint, Cougar Motorsports rally and many other. In 2013, he was awarded amongst the top 3 fastest motorcycle riders in India under 600 cc category. Being a passionate rider, he organises private training to riders venturing into adventure motorcycling on private off-roading track and Polaris tracks across Delhi NCR.

Wheel Guru

The blog’s motto is to share knowledge and connecting with readers. It is one of the most comprehensive automotive websites providing all the relevant information required such as two/four-wheeler launches, important aspects of a vehicle, vehicle comparison and many more. Their website has several categories such as travel diary, reviews, bike brands, bike compare, EMI calculator, which is a very handy tool, motorsports, cars, tips and tricks and guest post. As a guest, you can post information in the form of features, news, reviews, rides and safety.

Social Media Reach:

Website: www.wheelsguru.com

YouTube: 114 subscribers

Facebook: 18,771 followers

Twitter: 4,423 followers

Instagram: 29.5k followers

NOTE: All the above stats are as on 12th February 2019.

It’s really a treat for the auto lovers to have such a wide variety of automotive bloggers, each with their unique style of writing and presentation. With so much engaging content all around, we are sure you would not miss anything related to cars and bikes.

For regular updates on everything related to cars, reviews, tips, new releases, comparisons and much more, check out this amazing platform- www.mynewcar.in.


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