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If you care for your car and want to know what it actually needs this is the right post for you.

This article is for the people who love their cars. People are very affectionate towards their cars and some even address it as their kids. If you want to know what your car needs, would you think life would be easier? If you care for your car and want to know what it actually needs this is the right place for you. Indian summers are well known for their harshness. The rising temperature affects everything from crops to the way people live. The high temperatures also affect cars inadvertently. Check these out.

7) Don’t Let Your Car Smell!

A hot car can simply means a smelly car. To get rid of this smell, don’t forget to keep car freshner. Fix the car freshner on the air conditioner’s vent and enjoy the odour.

6) This Is Probably The Worst Day When Your Tire Blows Out!

Even though tyres are the most important part in a vehicle, the owners neglect them the most. The summers heat up the tarmac excessively and that in as a result, heats up the tyres. In colder temperature, a slight change in the tyre pressure can be taken care of, but the summers are sometimes unforgiving.

Therefore you must always check for cuts on the tyre, high temperature can make them burst open during high speed causing accidents. Also, make sure that you have proper air pressure in the tyres, if the tyre has low pressure, it will go through excessive flexing on the bad surfaces that may lead to a blast.

You have to be prepared. Tires of your vehicle are more prone to blowouts in the hot summer months because drivers are often on a sizzling road. Periodically check your tires, maintain constant air pressure.

5) When Your Car Is Angry!

Trust me, your car is also like you, these hot temperatures and low coolant levels could make it hot. As a result the risk of your engine being overheated are fair, moreover, your AC must be working overtime. If you see any such symptom of your car’s engine being overheated engine- then you must pull over to a safe place, turn off the engine, and wait at least a thirty minutes for the engine

down and open the hood.

Many people don’t realise that one of the most basic and essential things they can do for their vehicle is checking and re-filling the coolant fluid. Which is generally called anti-freeze? Coolant/antifreeze is extremely important to keep your car running well in extreme temperatures.

4) Don’t Just Look For Your Skin In Sun, Watch Your Car’s Too!

Spending time in the sun is just as bad for your car as it is for you, as sun damage can cause paint and interiors to fade. To save your car, you must park in a garage or shade when possible and invest in a sunshade. The UV rays from the sun can harm your car’s paint. Therefore, it is highly recommended to put a few protective layers on the body. You can take it to a car servicing shop and get it waxed. The layer of wax protects the paint for a long time. Make sure that you repeat the waxing process every two weeks to get the maximum protection from the harmful UV rays.

3) Just Chill. But You Need An AC For That!

The air conditioner is the saviours of humanity. It’s true at least in cities like Delhi where the temperature goes up to 48°C. Therefore you must give the AC system a proper check before the summer’s reach their top. Getting the AC fluid checked and giving it a proper diagnostic before the temperature rises any further will save you from a lot of trouble.

2) Guess what? Batteries are important too!

Batteries get affected due to excessive heat. Give utmost care to the battery during the summer season to make sure that you are not stuck with a vehicle that would not start, and leaves you on road looking for help. Also, lubricate the connectors to make sure that the connections work properly, dry connections can cause sparks and may cause a fire in the vehicle, and obviously you don’t want more heat.

1) Don’t Forget The Wipers

The harsh rays of the sun can play havoc with the rubber used in wiper blades. Simply check these blades for dust and debris and remove them physically. Don’t forget to inspect your wipers for bends and other damage as it could destroy your windshield. Be sure to add washer fluid to the windshield fluid tank.

We hope you enjoyed reading this stuff.

Drive safe and be a hero.


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