on 16, May 2015

these may be caused due to one’s own carelessness, and are easily avoidable. Here are some causes for cars catching fire, and what you can do to avoid it.


Under all the chrome and sheet metal, there are 20,000-odd components working hand-in-glove to keep the car moving. And the biggest hazard to a car’s health is the retro fitment and repair of components from unauthorized service workshops.

1 ) Most people opt for after-market accessories such as stereos, security systems, head-lamps, and reverse parking sensors. While working on the fitment, there is a chance that the worker may snap a wire and this cannot be detected till it actually short circuits

2) After all the free service that the car manufacturer’s offer, customers may choose to go to workshops that are not likely to have skilled labour. This makes the car prone to even more damage as an exposed wire or so much as even an unfastened bolt could lead to catastrophic consequences

3) Not all manufacturers offer factory fitted CNG/LPG kits, which is why people tend to buy it from unauthorized dealers. This makes it prone to leaks, and since almost all of the fluids in the car are flammable, it increases the chances of the car catching fire


1) One can begin by servicing the car on a regular basis. Changing the air and oil filters, engine coolant, and engine oil improves the health of the car

2) Do not overload the car with additional electrical equipment. Your battery can only take that much load

3) Buy CNG/LPG kits from authorized centres only

4) Limit the number of modifications on the car since it makes the vehicle vulnerable to electrical glitches

What happens during a fire:

1) The electrical units of the car would jam and everything from power windows, seatbelts to even the central locking system will fail. This will prevent you from getting out of the car

2) As the fire cannot be detected early, the passengers in the car become susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning which will lead to them passing out that can prove fatal

What could save your life:
1) Hammer or Spanner: This will help in breaking the windows of the car and break free to safety

2) Scissor: It comes in handy if the seatbelt jams and you can cut your way out

3) Fire Extinguisher: A small fire extinguisher would help in containing the fire. Usage of water should be avoided as the use of it on electrical equipment in the car could cause electrocution


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