on 19, Nov 2014


In a bid to encourage citizens to follow traffic rules, Ahmedabad Police has come up with an unique awareness drive to reward those who obey traffic rules.

At Ellisbridge crossroads, traffic police roped in 15 eunuchs for a traffic awareness programme on Thursday. As part of the two-hour drive, held between 4 pm and 6 pm the eunuchs gave roses to traffic violators and educated them on why it was necessary to follow traffic rules. But Ramol police seemed to have surpassed all as they rewarded law-abiding Amdavadis with free petrol. “Yesterday, Rakhial police distributed discount coupons for food to boost traffic awareness. So, now we have decided to give one litre free petrol to law-abiding citizens,” said Ramol Inspector Paresh Solanki. A petrol pump owner is enthusiastically co-operating with the police to help distribute free petrol considering “it is his social responsibility”.

About 58 people were found obeying traffic laws in the area on Thursday and were given one-litre of petrol for free, informed inspector P Solanki. To measure if a driver really deserves the incentive, the police checked all the necessary documents like licence and RC book, while ensuring if drivers were wearing helmet and seat belts. A source says that police department also distributed discount coupons of restaurants during this drive last Wednesday.

Ahmedabad Police informed that this initiative has been started to encourage citizens to follow traffic rules and they have received quite a good response for this. The police held the traffic awareness drive for three days.


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