on 28, Oct 2017

It's really annoying when you find a car driving at a slow pace ahead of you in our lane. The first thing that comes to your mind is to overtake this car and move ahead. But sometimes these conditions can be in a blind spot at a ghat or on a highway. We at MYNEWCAR recommend you that, one shouldn't overtake at blindspot on a single way road. This could lead to a collision with the oncoming vehicles, which would lead to some serious accident. So we at MYNEWCAR have listed down some tips to safely overtake a vehicle.


  1. Always honk twice, this alert the driver and will eventually give you the way to overtake.

  2. Do Not go bonkers on the horn, this could panic the driver ahead and it could lead to some fatal accidents.

  3. After honking, use upper-dipper or pass light, this will alert the driver that you are gonna overtake. This also a useful practice during nights as it will alert the driver ahead of you about your position in the dark.

  4. Always use your indicators, this will alert the driver ahead and behind you, in the direction, you will be going.

  5. Be alert for the motorcyclists on your blind spot behind you and always watch all your mirrors in the cars for the vehicles behind you.

  6. On a one way road, it's safe to overtake if you have a clear vision of the path ahead. Do not overtake if you can't see the road ahead properly or at a blind spot

  7. One a way road, you have two options either brake or hit the gas pedal. You have to be precise and be alert.

  8. Trust your instincts, this sounds unreasonable but in most of the cases, it does come true.



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